10 Dec, 2020

5 Reasons Why Kids Will Love Viving At Kumari Oakville

Thinking of buying a villa near Sarjapur but wondering whether it will fit your child’s requirements as well? Gone are the days when it was only factors like price, location and size that mattered. Parents are becoming increasingly sensitive to their child’s needs and are looking for homes that fit the bill. Villas in Sarjapur which are a part of gated communities like Kumari Oakville are specially designed not just for you but for your kids as well so that they get to expend their energy and creativity. To know how, read on!

Fun Amenities

Kumari Oakville is well-equipped with several fun amenities like a cricket pitch; several sports courts; a clubhouse etc. Apart from these, they have some special amenities like a pantry and dining space fitted with a barbeque and a brick oven where the kids can bake their own pizza and party together. There is an amphitheatre as well where they get to socialise with their peers and showcase their creativity as well.

Green Spaces

Multiple studies have shown how greenery has helped to improve attention span in kids. Kumari Oakville has 6000+ plants that give your kids their daily dose of fresh air.

Apart from this, the place has a unique feature which you don’t see in many villas near Sarjapur. There is a 15000sqft area of land exclusively for growing organic fruits and veggies. Organic food is great for everyone but especially beneficial to children as their immune system is still developing.


With 24 hours security and CCTV’s, you can rest assured of your child’s safety. Additionally, this villa in Sarjapur has a bus bay area which is a designated waiting space for your children where they can board the school buses and wait for their guardians to pick up once they return home. Our security personnel will assist your kids in boarding their respective school buses.

Socialization Skills

Social skills in children are seen as indicators of future success and we provide ample opportunities for that purpose not just through our more than 40 amenities but by the design of the layout as well. The amenities are decentralized along with a unique set of informal sitting places to encourage social interaction.

Zero Traffic

A gated community provides your kids an ample amount of space to play unperturbed by the traffic saving you from a lot of worry. 

To conclude, there are several villas for sale in Sarjapur but Kumari Oakville is the only one to not just build a house but a community that is safe and social which is very important for your kids.

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