12 Dec, 2020

Why Choose Kumari Oakville Villas Over Apartments?

Remember the first illustration of a house that you drew as a kid? It was mostly a roofed house with trees around it but never a long boxed house with tiny windows. Kumari Oakville’s villas in Sarjapur are just like these childhood illustrations of your dream home and filled with more than 6000+plants coupled with an organic garden. But how would they fare when compared to a luxury apartment? This is a question that comes to the mind of most first-time home-buyers and is quite understandable.

Luxury apartments may promise you a lot of things like open spaces and amenities. But the amount of privacy and customization that you get with these villas cannot be compared to any luxury apartment.

You may want to develop a garden of yours or reinvent the entire house according to your taste which is generally not possible in an apartment. Additionally, you will no longer be bothered by your neighbor’s loud music as in the case of apartments.  

For those of you who desire larger spaces owing to the current work-from-home situation, these villas in Sarjapur would be perfect. Apart from all the extra space, there is a designated working area inside the premises for you to work peacefully without having to fight with your partner for that one perfect room where you can be undisturbed. Also, your pets get to enjoy their space unlike in apartments where several restrictions are imposed.  

Gone are the days when a home was meant just to reside. The definition has now evolved into a place where people can live, work and play. Kumari Oakville has some 40+ unique amenities that no apartment can beat. Apart from the usual amenities like a swimming pool, gym, cricket pitch, various sports courts you have an organic orchard to delight your senses & take away the stress of the professional life. There is also a crèche where your child will be well taken care of while you work.

 If you are to look at it as a long-term investment, the price of a villa appreciates much more than an apartment and it is being said that the appreciation value of a villa will rise by 150-200 percent. This is because the price of land seldom depreciates.

To conclude, these villas near Sarjapur offer you the dual benefit of safety that you get with an apartment and the privacy of an independent house. A beautiful home that provides peace and tranquility with ample privacy has a positive effect on both your mental and physical health. To talk to our sales representative, call 7676088888.

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