17 Dec, 2020

Kumari Oakville Villas in Sarjapur - Designed for Work From Home Culture

What had initially started for a few days, the work-from-home situation has now stretched to months and may now be extended further with even the government actively encouraging it. It has been announced by the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, CN Ashwath Narayan that employees of IT firms in Karnataka will continue to work from home for a few more months. 

With more number of people having started working remotely, there is an increasing need for homes to evolve. Even the small things like a cute indoor plant or a well-ventilated room have started to matter even more in the new normal.

Amidst this situation, the home you choose must be conducive to a work-from-home atmosphere. This is where Kumari Oakville fits in. With extreme foresight that the world will soon adapt to a work-from-home culture, their villas in Sarjapur are specially designed for you to not just live but to work and play as well. To know how they did it, read on!

Designated Working Space

Working from home, though a delight to some has its cons. It is very easy to get distracted simply by the sound of your pressure cooker’s whistle. Keeping this in mind, these villas near Sarjapur have a designated working space to allow you to work peacefully.

Crèche Facility

With the schools yet to be open, parents with young children are finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on work. This is why; Kumari Oakville is equipped with a crèche facility so that your children can be well taken care of while you work. 

Green Spaces

Multiple studies have proven how greenery has helped in reducing stress and improve productivity. These villas near Sarjapur are situated in the middle of more than 6000 plants evoking a sense of calm and peace thus helping you perform better.

Stress-Relieving Amenities

2020 may not have been the best year for all of us but that doesn’t mean we allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed. To help ease your stress levels, be it personal or work-related, Kumari Oakville has been equipped with amenities like a cute yoga meditation deck where you can meditate peacefully or leave your troubles behind by going for a refreshing swim in the swimming pool.

To conclude, it is the little things that matter and there are not many villas near Sarjapur like Kumari Oakville who have not just been farsighted in their thought but have also given great attention to detail. The goal is to not just give you a house but a community where you can grow professionally and personally which is something that the founders constantly strive upon.

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